Why good Corporate Social Responsibility is in business interest

People with disabilities in Ireland make up 11 per cent of the population and have a spending power of €3.3 billion.

Why not reach out to these customers, their families and friends by marketing your business as fully inclusive, accessible and open towards employing people with disabilities?

Customers show a distinct preference to do business with a company they see as fair and caring, with 72% of Irish consumers considering a company’s reputation when deciding to buy their products and services. (Business in the Community Ireland, 2013)

Diverse workforces, help businesses appeal to a wider customer base, as they are more representative of the general public.

However the benefits of implementing a fair social policy go much further with established research showing that a diverse workforce also leads to increased productivity, innovation and improved business performance.

A 2012 research report from Deloitte identified an 80 per cent improvement in business performance in teams when levels of diversity and inclusion were high.

Introducing diversity in the workplace through supported employment gives a business a reputational edge as it is seen to not only be ‘talking the talk’, but very much ‘walking the walk’ when it comes to fair social policies.

Supported employment empowers people with disabilities to get and keep a job in the local labour market. Potential employees are matched to the employer’s specific needs by an experienced supported employment professional.

A supported employment professional can assist in the recruitment, training and induction of a new employee into the company. They will be there as a point of contact providing on-going support to both the employer and employee if needed.

A range of grants and incentives are available to help support employers to increase the diversity of their workforce by taking on employees with disabilities.

The IASE represents supported employment agencies all over Ireland who are working nationwide with thousands of employers of all sizes, helping them explore the many benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

As an organisation committed to making a positive impact on the community in which it operates, it makes sense to make this commitment part of your business planning.

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