Why get involved?

There may be many benefits to getting in touch with your local supported employment service if you are not currently at work.

“Getting a real job in the labour market gives people confidence, builds up peoples’ belief in themselves, gives them an income, allows them to start to do things with their lives that they hadn’t done before.”

Christy Lynch, IASE founder

Some of the benefits include:

  • Getting professional support to identify your works goals
  • Help with CV preparation and interview training
  • Support in job hunting and approaching employers
  • Getting support around accessing any grants or incentives that may apply
  • Getting advice on disability benefit and employment
  • Work has been shown to be important for our mental well-being and self esteem
  • Work contributes to economic independence and may also contribute to stronger individual identity, social roles and social status
  • Labour force participation is the primary route out of poverty and disadvantage

Have you heard of Job Shadow Day?

You can get involved in promoting inclusion and raising awareness about disability and employment in Ireland.

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