Resources for Practitioners

The IASE has produced a range of high quality resources for supported employment professionals to use when engaging new clients and employers.

You can browse and download the resources here.

Engaging employers

This pack is a series of brochures to explain supported employment to new employers. It also contains a brochure to engage employers who may not be recruiting but who might want to get involved in inclusion.

The three brochures are:

Job Shadow Day

Job Shadow Day is a fun national day of awareness on inclusion at works and is a great way to engage new employers and introduce them to the concept of supported employment.

Open Door

Open Door is an initiative in the Border, Midlands, West region to promote the business benefits of supported employment and encourage more employers to use the model.

Handbook and How To Guides

The European Supported Employment Handbook and How To Guides provide advice and tips for supported employment professionals.

Retaining employees with disabilities

The National Disability Authority has developed a guide for employers on retaining employees who acquire a disability.

Best practice guidelines

Find out about the European best practice guidelines for supported employment providers.

The guide contains benchmark standards, guidelines on reaching the standards, and tools to self-assess and further improve and develop your service.

Best Practice Awards

The IASE has an annual national awards programme to celebrate the achievements and successes of those who are championing supported employment and best practice in the sector.

There are national awards for disability services, supported employment professionals, employers and jobseekers.

Meet the experts

The IASE regularly hosts conference and invites national and international experts on disability and employment to address its members on the latest developments and innovations in the field of supported employment.

The IASE has made these expert presentations available to supported employment professionals.

Where are we going?

The IASE has developed a three-year strategy to further promote supported employment in Ireland and increase employment rates for people with disabilities.

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