The IASE and Policy Making

 “Adopting a comprehensive strategy on employment for people with disabilities would follow through on public policy commitments to equality, social inclusion and the reduction of poverty”

– the National Disability Authority

An important part of the IASE’s works is lobbying decision makers to influence policy making in the area of employment and disability.

Whenever Government is making important policy decisions in this area, the IASE will make submissions on behalf of its members.

Two of the most important current pieces of Government policy relating to disability and employment are the National Disability Strategy and New Directions.

The IASE has developed its own three-year strategy aimed at further raising awareness and developing supported employment in Ireland in order to break down more barriers to the workplace for people with disabilities.

Supported employment is a system designed to support people with disabilities, and other marginalised groups, into paid employment.

The IASE’s current strategy was launched in 2013.

The strategy is called Opportunities for Renewal and Equality. It sets out five main aims for the period 2014-2016

Best Practice in Supported Employment

This involves the development of accreditation and the standardisation of best practice in supported employment in Ireland through a range of initiatives.

Kathleen Lynch and SE clients at launch of IASE strategy

Kathleen Lynch and SE clients at launch of IASE strategy

Promotion of the Supported Employment Model

The IASE will works to raise the public profile of supported employment through national campaigns, events and initiatives.

Employer Engagement

The IASE will deliver targeted employer awareness initiatives in conjunction with service providers to increase awareness amongst employers to boost participation in supported employment.

Policy and Legislation

The IASE will works with the relevant government departments and agencies to support the delivery of the National Disability Strategy Implementation Plan and the New Directions model by representing issues and barriers to employment for people with disabilities.

Networks and Partnerships

The IASE will increase and improve partnerships, nationally and internationally, to progress the supported employment agenda and to increase employment rates for people with disabilities.

Implementing the Strategy

The IASE will works to ensure the supports, policies, systems and personnel and funding are in place to deliver the objectives of the three-year strategy.

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