Occupational and Quality Standards

SOS Kilkenny at Best Practice Awards 2013

SOS Kilkenny at Best Practice Awards 2013

“The time is now right to develop standardised guidance which benchmark excellence and creates a common language across Europe.”

– The European Union of Supported Employment.

Quality standards

As in any other professional sphere, there are occupational and quality standards in the field of supported employment.

The IASE endorses the best practice standards as set out by the European Union of Supported Employment.

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Best Practice Awards

The IASE has an annual national awards programme to celebrate the achievements and successes of those who are championing supported employment and best practice in the sector.

There are national awards for disability services, supported employment professionals, employers and jobseekers.

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Professional qualifications

The IASE has worked with the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway, The Northern Ireland Union of Supported Employment (NIUSE) and the Open Training College to develop training and accreditation for supported employment professionals.

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Supported employment toolkit

The IASE was part of a pan-European project to develop a handbook and guide for supported employment professionals called the European Union of Supported Employment Toolkit.

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