IASE Membership Benefits

The IASE is the only association promoting supported employment at a national level.

Membership of the IASE can prove invaluable for supported employment professionals as well as disability and inclusion groups.

We works with and on behalf of our members to support their works in a variety of ways.

Some of the works of the IASE includes:

  • Lobbying decision makers on our members’ behalf on policy matters related to disability and employment.
  • Coordinating National Supported Employment Week to raise awareness about inclusive employment amongst the general public, employers, jobseekers and decision makers.
  • Coordinating the national annual day of awareness Job Shadow Day.
  • Hosting conferences and training events for supported employment professionals.
  • Developing resources and promotional materials for supported employment professionals to use in engaging employers and their local community in their work.
  • Supporting and, in some cases, partnering with our members on their projects.
  • Developing regional and national campaigns, such as Open Door, targeted at employers to raise awareness about the business case for supported employment.
  • Introducing national best practice standards in the provision of supported employment.

Be part of the supported employment community in Ireland.


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