“Professionals working in the area of supported employment should be able to demonstrate professional competence, knowledge and awareness of the values underpinning the process of supported employment”

– The Supported Employment Toolkit

The IASE was part of a pan-European project in 1990s to develop a handbook and a series of guides for supported employment professionals.

Supported employment is a full working model with a step-by-step approach, developed from the 1970s onwards, through the experiences of the early pioneers of supported employment and the professionals who followed in their footsteps.

The lessons learned and the experiences of these professionals all over the world, as supported employment emerged as an internationally recognised and successful model to support people with disabilities into the workplace, has resulted in the development of the handbook and guides – called the European Union of Supported Employment Toolkit.

The toolkit is a resource for supported employment professionals to learn more about the model, how it works and why. It deals with the entire supported employment process, from the first meeting with a new client through to the ultimate goal of independent employment.

Even experienced supported employment professionals can use the toolkit as it addresses many of the common issues which professionals will encounter in the everyday use of the model.

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