Taking part? | Read our 5 top tips for Job Shadow Day mentors

March 31, 2015

Tip #1  – Welcome the participant and explain why you’re glad the person has chosen to shadow you for the day. Talk the participant through the works of the company and what you do. Be sure to explain why your job is important to you.

Tip #2 Discuss the participants’ learning objectives for Job Shadow Day and why these were chosen. Try to involve the participant as much as possible in your job and encourage them to ask questions.

Tip #3 Introduce the participant to your colleagues and tell them that the participant will be working with you for the day. It is important that you try to carry out your routine as normally as possible as the participant shadows you.

Tip #4 Ask the participant if they have questions. Some areas you could talk about include: how long you have worked at the company; your career progression; career paths within the company; skills, experience or qualifications; the benefits of working at this company

Tip #5 If the participant uses a wheelchair or walking aids, or has a hearing or sight impairment, it may be necessary to make some reasonable accommodations. The job coach/support person will be able to advise you. Simple accommodations include ensuring the corridor is clear of obstacles, and using wheelchair accessible offices and meeting rooms.

Have a great day everyone!

Your full Job Shadow Day | 22 April how to guide is available here

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