Project ABLE

IASE is pleased to announce their partnership with project ABLE, where it will be sharing it’s unique expertise in helping people with a disability in overcoming barriers to the world of work, to help enhance the recruitment potential for people with an autism spectrum condition across Europe.

To this end the IASE has commenced by distributing an attitudinal survey to Irish employers, created publicity materials and has launched the project ABLE website, which can be viewed here 

About project ABLE

People with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) can make effective and highly valued employees and are often very focused, having considerable skills in particular areas. The unemployment rate for people with Autism is 76% – 90%. This is mainly due to many Employers having a general lack of understanding and experience in relation to how to support individuals with an ASC within the workplace.

ProjectABLE will enhance the Employment potential for Job Seekers with an Autistic Spectrum Condition through researching the needs of Employers.  Training resources will be developed and shared throughout Europe and as a result Employers will be better able to recruit and retain suitable Employees.

Using the Supported Employment Model successful “Job Matches” can be achieved – that will result in a Win Win situation for the Job Seekers and the Employers.


Improving knowledge

Previous research indicated that a key barrier to securing Employment was the lack of knowledge of Employers in relation to the characteristics of People with Autism and the workplace adjustments which may be necessary to inclusive workforce.  Project ABLE will enhance the recruitment potential for People with an Autistic Spectrum Condition through providing knowledge and appropriate support.



  • Complete an Employer Attitudinal Review
  • Examine existing Training Resources
  • Design and develop Training Materials
  • Test the Training Materials
  • Produce the completed Training Resource


European wide approach

The lack of an understanding of what Autism is, how to recruit and support some with an Autistic Spectrum Condition is a reality across Europe.  Project ABLE will address these areas through providing training for co workers and Employers. 

The best knowledge and information to be imported/exported across European states and will ensure consistency of approach for European citizens with the diagnosis of Autism. 


With this end in mind, the main target group are Employers wishing to select, recruit and employ people on the Autistic Spectrum in the open labour market.

Project ABLE Partners

–Orchardville Society (N Ireland)  – Lead Partner

–Autism NI (N Ireland)

–Irish Association of Supported Employment (Ireland)

–MISA (Sweden)

–Theotokos Foundation (Greece


Project ABLE is funded through Erasmus+, and is part of the Life Long Learning Programme. To find out more see the project website at