Open Door for Employers

Open Door for Employers

Diversity at works – Why get involved?

So what is supported employment and why is it good for your business?

Supported employment is a system designed to support people with disabilities to find and keep a job.

At the same time, supported employment helps employers to access a pool of dedicated and highly motivated employees with the right skills and attributes to fill their job vacancies.

Here are some of the reasons you, as an employer, should consider getting involved in the project.

Tap into a pool of dedicated and highly motivated employees

People with disabilities often have to overcome significant barriers to get and keep a job. Supported employment supports highly motivated and dedicated people who want the opportunity to compete for and works in the open labour force.

Get professional support to develop inclusion

The Open Door project has trained project workers dedicated to supporting you towards getting involved in supported employment. The project worker provides one-to-one, tailored support to employers.

Employment grants and incentives

There is a suite of grants and incentives available for employers to employ people with disabilities. Your Open Door project worker can help you to assess if you may be eligible for these supports. Learn more about grants and incentives.

Get the business benefits of inclusion

Repeated studies have shown inclusion in the workforce is good for business. It promotes innovation and productivity and has even been shown to boost sales and business performance.

Gain a reputational advantage

Customers prefer businesses who are seen to represent and contribute to the communities in which they operate. Supported employment is a good step towards developing sound socially responsible policies in your business.

Reduced recruitment costs

Open Door support is free to employers. A project worker will provide recruitment support tailored to the individual needs of each employer.

Reduced staff turnover

Increasing inclusiveness at works has been shown to boost staff morale, therefore reducing staff turnover. Should an employee acquire a disability, your local supported employment agency can help you to retain your employee, reducing staff turnover, loss of experience and talent from your workforce, and reducing recruitment and training costs.

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