Membership for individuals

Joining the IASE

There are many great reasons for individuals, regardless of employment status or involvement in the disability sector, to join the IASE.

Just by joining our association, you can help us to bring about real change in Irish society and promote the breaking down of barriers to works for people with disabilities across Ireland.

Individual membership costs just €25.

Here are just a few of the many benefits you will enjoy.

  • Be a part of the supported employment community in Ireland
  • Make a firm expression of your support for our works in promoting a more inclusive society
  • Help bring about positive change in your community and in our wider society
  • Be heard! We represent our members’ views at a national level and lobby policy makers on our members’ behalf in the area of disability and employment
  • Attend top conferences and IASE events to hear from expert speakers in the area of inclusion and supported employment
  • Keep up-to-date with developments in the area of inclusion at works through our monthly IASE ezines
  • Attend IASE AGMs and have your say in our works and future
  • If you are a person with a disability who is interested in finding a job or a sole trader or professional, take part in our national day of awareness called Job Shadow Day. Network, meet services and businesses in your locality, express your commitment to social inclusion and enjoy a fun initiative

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