Jobseeker FAQ’s

Q: What is supported employment?

A person with a disability may face additional barriers when it comes to finding and securing a job on the open labour market.

Supported employment offers practical supports to employers and employees to break down those barriers.

Q: What is a job coach?

A job coach is a trained employment and disability expert who works one-to-one with a jobseeker to support you towards setting and reaching employment goals.

Q: How much does the service cost?

The services of your local supported employment agency are free.

Q: Am I eligible to use the service?

Supported employment is offered to individuals with a disability who are interested in finding a job in the open labour market. The IASE can put you in touch with your local service.

Q: Where can I find my local agency?

You can find your local supported employment agency through this website or by telephoning the IASE on (094) 82894.

Q: What type of supports are available?

Supports are tailored to each individual depending on their specific goals and requirements. Supports can involve assisting with CV preparation, job hunting, approaching employers, support during the interview process, on-the-job training or ongoing work site visits or supervision.

The supports are very varied.

Q: What kind of pay can I expect?

You will be paid the going market rate for your role and responsibilities.

Q: What about a job contract?

The terms and conditions of your employment will be the same as an employee who is not using supporting employment.

Q: Will my Department of Social Welfare payment be affected?

It may be. However, quite often a payment is not affected. Your job coach can speak to you about this issue in the strictest of confidence.

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