National Supported Employment Week

National Supported Employment Week

 “It has been a real success in capturing peoples’ attention and bringing people from all walks of life together to celebrate and promote the very worthwhile contribution people with disabilities make to the workplace.”

IASE chairperson Greg Barry.

One week is set aside each April to promote inclusion at works for people with disabilities.

Each year, a series of events take place during National Supported Employment Week to highlight the valuable contribution people with disabilities can and do make at works and to give employers, policy makers and the general public the opportunity to express their commitment to inclusion in Irish workplaces.

Statistics show people with disabilities are much more likely to be outside of the workforce compared to other working age adults.

The IASE is working to change this.

We want to break down barriers to works for people with disabilities in Ireland.

The highlight of National Supported Employment Week is Job Shadow Day.

The day sees hundreds of people with disabilities and hundreds of employers across Ireland join together for one fun and rewarding day to call on Ireland to get working for social inclusion.

Norah Casey and Sarah Layton

Norah Casey and Sarah Layton

Find out more about Job Shadow Day

Other events during National Supported Employment Week include workshops and talks, workplace tours and employer events, exhibitions and more.

Get involved, get working, get inclusive!

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