Enhancing your CSR with the IASE

The IASE represents supported employment agencies all over Ireland who are working with thousands of employers of all sizes.

Getting involved with your local supported employment agency is a great way to enhance your CSR policy.

Employers can show their commitment to being fair and inclusive through supported employment.

Your local supported employment agency will provide all of the guidance and support you need throughout the process.

Employers can also get recognition for striving to develop more inclusive employment practices through the IASE’s national awards or by taking part in Job Shadow Day, the IASE’s national day of awareness.

Supported employment agencies provide a whole suite of free supports to employers such as:

  • Helping to fill job vacancies with suitable candidates
  • Support to introduce more inclusive recruitment practices
  • Help to develop disability awareness in the workplace
  • Support to retain an employee who acquires a disability.

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