CV Preparation

The first step in any successful job hunt is preparing a great CV.

It is not always easy and there are so many different points of view on how a CV should look and read.

CV preparation is one of the ways in which your local supported employment agency can help when it comes to job hunting.

Why not find your local service and get some professional advice on your CV from an employment facilitator/job coach.

In the meantime, here are five general guidelines to preparing an eye-catching, effective CV.

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Keep it simple

Don’t waffle. Use clear, concise language and keep it as simple as possible.

Don’t try to use a big word when a small one will do. Keep sentences short and snappy.

Bullet point your statements and keep them to one or two lines each.

When you are finished, read it….then shorten it. You will be surprised at how much unnecessary text you can remove in this way.

Sell yourself

Your potential employer wants to know what abilities or skills you can bring.

When giving information on any past experience or achievement, try to measure your achievements to really sell yourself as a potentially valuable asset to an employer.

For example, if you helped to increase sales

Don’t say

Helped to find new leads and developed new sales strategies and markets for sales team

Do say

Helped to grow new sales by 10 per cent over six months

Clean and clear

  • Choose an easy to read format.
  • In general, you shouldn’t use italics or fancy fonts.
  • Keep it simple and maintain the same format throughout the entire document.
  • Give each section a clear heading and use bullet points.

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Add your skills

Your career history is important but your unique skill set is also important.

List five or six skills that will help you to stand out and which are, very importantly, relevant to the job offer.

For example, do you have a great eye for detail? Do you have advanced computer skills? Can you speak languages? Are you artistic, with an eye for good design? Are you great with numbers?

List your skills that you believe your employer will appreciate and be able to use.

Make sure it’s right

Employers spend about 20 to 30 seconds scanning a CV. It is so important to make sure there are no errors that will put you out of the running straight away.

Use a spell checker on your computer. Then print your CV and read it over. Circle any mistakes in red pen and correct them. Use the spell checker again and then print and check it yourself again.

Ask a friend to look over the printed version as well.

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