IASE Best Practice Awards…Celebrating the Champions of Supported Employment

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It is easy to nominate someone for an IASE Best Practice Award.

The award categories are listed here.

Supported Employment Service of the Year

This can be any service in Ireland that is using supported employment to make a lasting positive difference in the lives of its clients/service users by supporting them into meaningful, fairly paid jobs of their choosing in the open labour market.

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Company Mentor of the Year

This is an employer, manager or professional who is leading by example and making a positive and lasting contribution to developing inclusion in Irish workplaces.

The award winner may be an individual providing mentorship to one or more employees with a disability, or it may be an individual who by their actions and example are encouraging their employees, management or wider business community to embrace and promote inclusion for people with disabilities at work.

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Employee of the Year

The Employee of the Year is an individual who is demonstrating the hugely positive contribution people with disabilities can and do make in workplaces across Ireland.

The Employee of the Year acts as a role model to their peers and fellow employees in demonstrating the value of supported employment and the benefits of inclusion in the workplace.

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Job Coach of the Year

The Job Coach of the Year is a supported employment facilitator who has met and exceeded the highest quality standards in delivering supported employment to their clients.

This person keeps the values of supported employment – such as individuality, flexibility, confidentiality, dignity and choice – at the centre of everything they do in supporting their clients towards a satisfying and empowering career path.

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Job Shadow Award

This special award category may go to a disability organisation, an employment facilitator, a company, a manager, an employer or an employee.

The winner is an individual or organisation who has taken part in Job Shadow Day and who has set a shining example in promoting inclusion by effectively using the day to highlight the value of supported employment in their community, workplace or company.

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IASE Member of the Year

The IASE Member of the Year is an individual or organisation who is an inspiration to others in the way they promote the ethos and works of the association.

The IASE believes every individual has the right to the dignity and purpose of a job. We works to break down barriers to employment for people with disabilities.

The IASE Member of the Year is an individual or organisation that has inspired others to commit to this ethos also.

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Outstanding Achievement

This award can be awarded to an individual or an organisation whose inspirational commitment to promoting inclusion in Irish workplaces has helped to break down barriers to employment for people with disabilities and whose works has contributed towards the creation of more job opportunities and more understanding about supported employment amongst the Irish public, employers, employees or disability services.

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